iTelescope Siding Spring Observatory -  MPC Q62

A Unique Remote Astronomy Facility

The iTelescope SSO Observatory is a cutting edge structure with a large capacity for large or small aperture remote telescopes. Construction was completed in January 2013. 

Siding Spring 2.jpg
  • High speed Microwave & Fiber Optic Internet

  • High Speed FTP Data Transport

  • Automated Roll Off Roof

  • Online Weather & Sky Monitoring

  • Wireless Wi-Fi Telescope Networking

  • Davis WX & Boltwood II Sensors

  • Average of 70% Usable Skies Per Month

  • Protected Dark Sky Environment

  • Enforced 24/7 Security

  • Excellent Seeing & Moderate Climate (avg 1.5 - 2.5 arc seconds)

  • High resolution Color SkyCam & Internal Webcams

  • Cool, Clean & Dust Free Environment

  • Comprehensive Lightning & Surge Protection

  • Mains Power Backup Generators - 15 second turnover

  • On Site Support with Local Workshops

  • Premier Elevation - 1134m amsl

  • Inclusion within a truly Professional Astronomy Community

We operate in a partnership with the ANU Research School of Astrophysics and Astronomy. The SSO location is home to a growing number of iTelescope platforms. All connected to our high speed network & available to the world's online astronomy community.