Remote Telescope Hosting

Hosting is a service iTelescope.Net offers that can allow you to host your own, remotely controlled telescope at our Siding Spring Observatory Site for a monthly fee.


It allows you the freedom of being able to use your telescope system on our network at your convenience, for your own exclusive astronomy missions and interests, be they imaging, science or long term projects.  Your remote telescope gives you access to the pristine, dark, and clean Australian skies, and will enable you to explore the wonders of the Southern Hemisphere.

It gives you access to the long and hard earned experience of the talented staff at iTelescope. Consultation,  system selection, setup, monitoring and maintenance. Hassle free Remote Astronomy with full ground support and security for your valuable remote telescope. It gives you all of these things, and optionally iTelescope can do this for you as a Complete "Turn Key" Solution.

Requirements for Hosting:

  • Paramount PME, Ascension 200HR - Mounts
  • RCOS, Planewave, Takahashi, TeleVue, Meade ACF - OTA
  • Robofocus, PWI, Optec - Focus Control
  • FLI, SBIG, Apogee - CCDs

For more information, please fill out the form located here.